The white house accused the American media in an attempt to deprive trump of legitimacy

The American media is trying to “legitimize” the presidency of Donald trump, said the head of the White house, the Raines Priebus, noting that the new administration is “struggling” to deal with this, reports Reuters. “It’s not the size of the audience. The case in the attacks and attempted to delegitimize the President for one day. And we are not going to sit idly by,” — he stressed.

Earlier, the press Secretary of the President of the United States Sean Spicer first appeared in the briefing room of the White house and criticized in the media, accusing them of spreading false information about the size of the audience present at the inauguration of the trump. “It was the biggest audience for an inauguration ever, as at present personally, and all over the world,” said Spicer, calling it “shameful and deceitful” attempts “to reduce the enthusiasm for the inauguration.”

Spicer also said that the national Mall “was full” from the foot of the Capitol to the Washington Monument, “when the President was sworn in” on Friday, January 20. The journalists ‘ questions Spicer did not answer as did not give specific data on the number present at the inauguration of the hotel.

On Saturday, trump also spoke about the number present at the time of taking the oath. During his first official visit to the headquarters of the CIA stated that his view was “about a million, half a million people”. Part of the National Mall, “leading to the Washington Monument was completed,” he said.

Bloomberg wrote that on the aerial photo you can see that not all parts of the National Mall referred to Spicer, was filled. In particular, it is not until the end was filled with some of the buildings of the Smithsonian institution and to the West of the Washington Monument. Were also gaps in the parade route from the Capitol to the White house.