Trump chose for his first official visit to the headquarters of the CIA

The US President Donald trump on Saturday, January 21, made his first visit as head of state in a government Agency. It became the headquarters of the Central intelligence Agency (CIA).

During his visit, trump assured that with great respect for the office and rejected the opinion that he had “enmity” with the intelligence community on the background of the investigation on the possible involvement of the Russian government to the presidential campaign, said Bloomberg.

“No one refers to intelligence and the CIA better than Donald trump,” said trump welcomed his staff of office. “Perhaps you are not getting the support he wanted. You will get so much support that maybe will say: “Please, do not so much support, Mr. President, please, we do not need so much support,” continued trump

According to the Agency, during his visit to the CIA trump was accompanied by his national security Advisor, Michael Flynn, and the candidate on a post of the head of the CIA Mike Pompeo.