Trump said protesting after the inauguration of the President

The President of the United States Donald trump commented in his Twitter the protest, which took place on 21 January after his inauguration.

“Followed the protests yesterday, and I was under the impression that we have just held elections! Why are these people not vote?”, — he wrote.

21 January in the United States hosted the Women’s marches against the candidacy of trump at the head of the state. On the March in Washington was the singer Madonna, former rival trump in the last presidential election, Hillary Clinton, singer Alicia keys, film Director Michael Moore, the actress Scarlett Johansson. According to CNN, stocks in the United States have participated at least 1 million people.

In addition to cities, States, stocks were also held in Berlin, London, Paris, Rome, Vienna, Geneva, Amsterdam, Nairobi, Sydney, Melbourne and Tokyo.

The protests began even before the ceremony of taking the oath as the new head of States on Friday, 20 January. In particular, the group of people dressed in black marched in Washington, during which began to break the Windows of shops and restaurants, as well as glass.