A group of lawyers filed a lawsuit against Trump on the violation of the Constitution

A group of lawyers filed a lawsuit to the President of the United States Donald Trump, accusing him of violating the Constitution. The lawyers considered it a violation that the hotels owned by Trump, and other businesses accept payments from foreign governments, reports Reuters.

The lawsuit was filed in Federal court in Manhattan by the Association called “Citizens for responsibility and ethics in Washington.” It States that the constitutional rules governing “compensation”, is forbidden to make such payments. The plaintiffs intend to force trump to stop taking such payments.

18 Jan Donald trump sued American summer, Servos, demanded from the President to abandon his words of slander. Earlier, Servos accused the President of sexual harassment. In the lawsuit the woman claims that calling her a liar, trump did harm her reputation. She demands to oblige trump to withdraw his “false and defamatory” statements and apologize.

Republican Donald trump has won the presidential election on 8 November. He officially took office after the inauguration, held January 20. He became the 45 President of the United States.

According to a study by USA Today trump is a defendant and plaintiff 62 14 claims. The largest number of lawsuits filed by the Trump – 14 – associated with his campaign, the billionaire also is a defendant in 13 lawsuits related to bodily injuries. He is basically suing on matters related to network-Golf clubs (5 claims), as well as proceedings related to taxes (claim 3).