Editor in chief of Buzzfeed explained the publication of “compromising” on trump

Buzzfeed published a dossier on the Russian dirt on the President of the United States Donald trump, explained the reasons for the publication of the document. About this editor-in-chief Ben Smith wrote in a column for the New York Times.

The first reason Smith calls that document for a long time circulated in the circles of high-ranking intelligence officers, officials and the media. While other citizens of the country received “only echoes” about the existence of this document, but not the file.

According to him, the second reason was the news channel CNN, which said that the past US President Barack Obama and Donald trump intelligence report to which was appended a summary of the contents of this dossier. CNN described it as “compromising personal and financial nature”.

Editor in chief of Buzzfeed, also said in his column that the decision on the publication of this dossier was made after together with journalists from the US and Europe they have spent weeks to confirm or deny contained in the file statement.

11 January, BuzzFeed published a 35 page dossier. It said that Russian special services have dirt on trump. The document says about the relations between the representatives of the headquarters of the trump during the election campaign and the Russian special services. Also one of the sources of the author of the report, allegedly organised the visit trump in Russia, said the businessman in one of his trips to Moscow, lived in the hotel “Ritz-Carlton” and ordered prostitutes. According to him, the room had installed hidden cameras and wiretapping.

Later, the media revealed the name of the alleged author of this document: he was a former employee of British intelligence MI-6 Christopher Steele. Currently, he is the co-founder of Orbis Business Intelligence, specializing in investigations and security. Sources The Times called Steele “a major expert on Russia.”

The trump called the report “false news”. Later, CNN reported that the FBI has not been able to confirm the “important parts” of this dossier.

The Kremlin has called trump published on dossier “tabloid fiction.” Later, President Vladimir Putin said he did not believe in the reports of the meetings of the trump in Moscow with the “girls of low social responsibility”, Recalling that the new US President for a long time was engaged in the organization of beauty contests.