The media learned about the unwillingness of banks to accept payment of taxes for third parties

Interviewed by “Kommersant” of the credit organization said that they had not received from the Ministry of Finance regulations, which reglamentary making payments on the taxes payable for third parties.

“We expect, when the regulations on execution of payment orders (107н of the Ministry of Finance and 383-P of the Central Bank) will be aligned with the amendments to the tax code. After that, we will provide customers the option of paying taxes on behalf of third parties”, — the newspaper quoted the head of the Department of development of electronic business Raiffeisenbank Natalia Masarsky.

Banks, the newspaper writes, was in a difficult situation as to refuse such a service not be the law, but on the other hand, the tax may not read incorrect from their point of view payment. In this way, customers will have the right to demand from Bank of reimbursement of penalties and interest.

At the same time in the next few days banks need to process a large volume of tax payments, since January 25 is the deadline of payment by legal entities of value added tax for the fourth quarter of 2016, and after three days there will come term of payment of the profit tax.

In the Central Bank publication explained that “the order of information for tax purposes is established in order 107н and relates to the competence of the Ministry of Finance” and the regulator does not need to change anything in their bylaws.

On 30 November President Vladimir Putin signed almost sitestranny a package of amendments to the Tax code, approved earlier by the state Duma. Among them were amendments ustranyatsya long been known to conflict with the inability to pay taxes if the Bank, in which were the accounts of the company, has revoked the license of: 45-I article of the Tax code forbade the payment of taxes from the account of sobstvennik or Manager of a company.

After the adoption of these amendments to paragraph 1 of article 45 of the Tax code, third party, be it the CEO or owner, can go to the Bank and pay the tax for my company. “Don’t even have for their own, and in General for any company, if they have such a desire”, — explained the lawyer BGP Litigation Denis Savin.