The Ministry criticized Putin approved the project on 3D exploration

The Ministry of natural resources and environment and the Ministry of economic development criticized the idea of building ships for 3D exploration in the Arctic at the expense of budgetary funds. About it reports “Kommersant”, citing a draft report sent to the offices of Vice-Premier Alexander Khloponin.

As indicated in the document of the Ministry, the obligations of subsoil users shelf (Rosneft and Gazprom) for 2D and 3D exploration “substantially exceeded” and “expected volume” may be reduced more than two times due to the economic situation. The Ministry believes that at this stage of development of the shelf will suffice and 2D-exploration, and the main demand for 3D exploration may be postponed for the period after 2028, that will make the new court ineffective. The rate of return of a project in which 80% of the funds borrowed, the Ministry of natural resources considered unfounded.

The Ministry also criticized the model of the project. “The analysis showed that there was no need to raise money from state programmes of the Russian Federation in connection with the possibility of cost-effective implementation of the project at the expense of borrowed funds”, — said the Agency.

Alternatively, the Ministry Sergey Donskoy offer the project — Rosgeologia is to use the mechanisms of the Ministry of industry and trade, such as earmarked contributions and the zero VAT during the registration of the ship in Russia. The Ministry said that the project provides foreign designer that may “jeopardize the continuing use of the vessels as a product of domestic production.”

The Ministry of the environment publication confirmed that the position outlined in the draft report, spoke at a meeting with the head of Department of the don, but refused to discuss the document. In the apparatus Khloponin also did not comment on official correspondence, but confirmed that the topic was discussed. “Rosgeologia” in turn, said that he had not received a formal decision on the transfers of the subprogram “Reproduction of the mineral resource base” (VMSB), so the project of building ships continued.

The idea of building two vessels for 3D seismic over 15 billion rubles, Khloponin proposed to the President in the summer of 2016. The idea of Khloponin, the vessel must be equipped with a “predominantly domestic navigation and seismic equipment.” Deputy Prime Minister proposed to entrust the design and construction of vessels “Rosgeologia” and the United shipbuilding Corporation (USC). To implement the project was due to the redistribution of funds WSB, whose budget for 2017 is 28 billion rubles.

As reported in October, in a letter to Khloponin, Putin said that in the context of the sanctions Russia “is able to provide a fully performing volumes of seismic works 2D for the existing fleet and equipment to 2018”, however, in the 3D segment, the situation “more critical” power cover no more than 20% of the market volume, and the deterioration of research vessels exceeds 80%.

The representative Khloponin Natalia Platonova said that in July, the Vice Prime Minister reported to Putin about the construction of seismic vessels and by the end of the meeting was instructed to do this.