CB showed the highest for seven years, the number of counterfeit foreign banknotes

The Bank of Russia recorded a sharp rise in the number of detected counterfeit foreign banknotes. According to the regulator, in the fourth quarter failed to detect such a bill 1581, which was the highest figure since at least 2010 (earlier data on the website of the Central Bank are not disclosed). By far the most fruitful for counterfeiting foreign currency was considered the quarter of April—June 2010, when they found 1266 pieces.

In November 2016, it was revealed 863 counterfeit foreign banknotes. For comparison, for the entire second quarter of 2016, the counterfeits were only 844 pieces.

Most often in Russia in October—December 2016, as before, found counterfeit US dollars. The share of dollars in the total amount of counterfeit foreign currency exceeded 96,5% (from 1527 1581 notes). The second popular place were the Euro (35 fakes), the third Chinese yuan (16). In addition, managed to find one fake banknote nominated in British pounds, and two bills in Japanese yen.

Not deprived of attention of counterfeiters and domestic currency. For the fourth quarter of banks revealed 14 thousand 322 counterfeit ruble banknotes, which is slightly less than in the previous quarter (14 382 thousand). With more than half of all counterfeits (8125) had on banknotes are in denominations of 5 thousand rubles.

In addition, it was discovered 5701 fake thousand-dollar bill 357 fake platystrophia. Less frequently counterfeited banknotes in denominations of 10 rubles — such forgeries were only seven, whereas counterfeit five-ruble coins — from 41.

Most counterfeit banknotes (8108) identified on the territory of the Central Federal district.