Mortgage structure of the Ministry of defense headed by a native of the seller

The former Deputy head of the Agency for housing mortgage lending (AHML) Andrey Semenyuk, currently holds the position of Deputy head of the Agency for the development of human capital in the far East, will be headed by a subordinate of the defense Ministry, the Federal office of savings and mortgage system of housing for military personnel (“Rosvoenipoteka”), said two sources in the real estate development market. According to them, the new job he will be released this week. In this position, he will succeed Vladimir Shumilin, head of the organization since 2010.

Semeniuk and “Rosvoenipoteka” declined to comment. Ministry of defense and the Agency for the development of human capital in the far East left the requests unanswered.

About upcoming personnel changes in the Ministry reported at the end of December last year. One of the sources said Shumilin in the fall looking for a new job.

Personnel issue

A source in the banking sector, linked the possible resignation Shumilina with the change of the curator “Roveniemi” in the defense Ministry. From may 2016 the direction of the housing support of the armed forces is headed by the former General Director of “Oboronstroy” Deputy defense Minister Timur Ivanov. The person on the property development market, in turn, said that the defense Ministry was unhappy with the publication of information about income Shumilina for 2015: head of “Roveniemi” was the highest-paid official of the Ministry of defense, earning 106,1 million rubles — ten times more than head of Department, Sergei Shoigu and 17 mln. more than the previous year. The issues were caused by the work and the program of military mortgage, said the source .

Young innovator

Semeniuk 44 years. He graduated from St. Petersburg University with a master’s degree in physics. In 1999 graduated from graduate school in the specialty “Finance, monetary circulation and credit” Saint-Petersburg state University of Finance and Economics.

From 2001 to June 2007 he worked in the government, where at various times he headed the Department of Economics and property management, Department of financial markets and property relations Department of the economy and government finances. In parallel, he in 2000-ies attended courses at the London school of Economics and political science, interned at the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA and in the University center of business management (Centro Universitario di Think Aziendale), Italy.

Semeniuk started the mortgage market in 2007, since coming to the Agency for the position of Deputy head of the Agency Alexander Semenyaka. Before retiring from the Agency in August 2015 Semeniuk was the head of service of strategic planning and corporate governance and oversaw corporate management of the seller and its “daughter”, of interactions with Federal and regional authorities, improve the regulatory framework, information policy, analytical studies, legal support of the Agency’s work, development of the mortgage securities market.

Semeniuk left the seller a few months after the Agency was appointed the new head — Alexander Plutnik, who previously held the post of Deputy Minister of construction and housing and communal services.

Expensive office

“Rosvoenipoteka” was created in 2006 to ensure the operation of the savings and mortgage system for the military (the military mortgage program), developed on behalf of the President. In the framework of the military officers can take mortgage loans in banks taking part in it, at a reduced rate.

The objectives of the “Roveniemi” includes the processing and issuing of loans with the involvement of the seller and the banks involved. According to the organization, to the beginning of the year the program was attended by more than 391 thousand troops, more than 174 thousand people have bought a house. At that period, the program involved more than 150 billion rubles from the Federal budget for financing of target housing loans for down payments on mortgage loans (the money and runs “Rosvoenipoteka”: keeps records, invests, executes, issues in the form of loans) and more than 300 billion rubles of credit funds from banks-partners.

The interviewed representatives of the banking sector say about the Semeniuk generally positive. “I crossed paths with Andrew, and I have only positive impression. He understands very well all the systemic issues of the mortgage in Russia from the point of view of management and communications,” — said the head of the Directorate of mortgage lending of Transcapitalbank Vadim Paharenko. — In addition, the seller at some point it was almost the only player in the market military mortgage, until they came to Sberbank, VTB, Svyaz-Bank. With this in mind, the Semeniuk must be very deep expertise in this area.”

Deputy Chairman of the Board Tatiana Ushkova from Absolut Bank called Semenyuk “in some sense an innovator” and noted his lack of fear of mistakes. “In my opinion, rightly so. Me his management style was very fond of: if he was wrong, he was not afraid to change something, adjust the actions that public corporations tend to be unnatural, she says. For example, it was adopted a program to borrowers (which is, Ushkova said. — ) and when it didn’t work, he calmly held several working meetings with the banks, listened to the problems that all face, and soon made changes.”