The Kremlin refused to consider “military construction” in the China threat to Russia

The Kremlin does not consider the military construction China a security threat for Russia, said the press-Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov. Earlier, the government newspaper China Global Times reported on the placement of an Intercontinental missile DF-41 in the province of Heilongjiang, which borders Russia.

“Any action in terms of the development of the Chinese armed forces, if this information is true, then, at least military construction in China is not perceived as a threat to our country,” he said (quoted by “Interfax”).

Peskov said that China is a strategic ally and partner of Russia both in political and in economic and trade terms. In Moscow cherish these relationships, he said.

Previously, the newspaper Global Times reported that China’s Heilongjiang province made pictures with Intercontinental ballistic missile DF-41. The publication referred to pictures taken “some Hong Kong and Taiwanese media”, and also analysts, who believe that this is the second strategic missile brigade of the DF-41, which must be placed in the North-East of China.

As noted by the Global Times, the placement of the missiles is classified. Experts believe that China has completed the research and manufacturing of the DF-41. However, the confirmed information about the presence of China’s DF-41 no. “Some media said that the Chinese military deliberately revealed the existence of DF-41 and tied it in with the inauguration of the American President Donald trump. According to them, Beijing responded to the provocative remarks of trump on China,” wrote the newspaper.