The media reported no evidence of a link team trump with Russia

According to CBS News, us intelligence agencies are trying to determine whether or not the team is Donald trump coordinated with Russia before and after the US elections, but to date, sources told the channel, “evidence of violations” and not found.

The result, according to CBS News, interested in at least one phone call between trump’s adviser for national security by Michael Flynn and the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergei Kislyak, who is alleged to have occurred after that, as the previous administration of Barack Obama at the end of December 2016 imposed sanctions against Russia for “interference in the elections.”

However, the investigation refers not only to Flynn, the sources noted. The result, according to them, also trying to see “whether shared with Russia somebody other important information the United States, including the secrets of corporate trade, and whether it was violated the criminal law.”

On 14 January, Reuters, citing three sources familiar with the situation, reported that Flynn and Kislyak five times and talked on the phone on December 28 — the day when Barack Obama imposed sanctions against Russia. According to interlocutors of the Agency, the calls took place in the period after the Russian Embassy was notified of the sanctions, and until such time as the President of Russia Vladimir Putin announced that Russia will not take retaliatory action.

The content of the talks, Reuters cited. One of the sources stressed that nothing unusual, and illegal in contacts adviser to trump and the Russian Ambassador sees. About it told the official representative of state Department mark Toner.

The official representative of the trump confirmed only one telephone conversation between Flynn and Kislyak 29 Dec. Sanctions were not discussed, he said. The representative of the Russian Embassy in Washington Alexey Mosin, said that the Embassy “does not comment on the contacts, which are carried out on a daily basis with local partners.”

Press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer during the previous day’s press conference said that the conversation between Flynn and the Russian Ambassador referred to four themes — the plane crash, the Russian defense Ministry Tu-154 December 25, talks on Syria and “Islamic state” (organization banned in Russia), a conversation between Vladimir Putin and trump after the inauguration, as well as holiday greetings.

The day before, January 23, familiar with the situation sources The Wall Street Journal reported that the counterintelligence of the United States investigated the Flynn contacts with representatives of Russia, but was unable to say exactly when the investigation began, ended and whether it had identified any evidence. The investigation, according to the newspaper, involved the FBI, CIA and national security Agency (NSA) of the USA, the key point was a telephone conversation with Flynn Kislyak 29 Dec. In addition, has been studied earlier contacts adviser to trump with Russian officials.