The Ministry of culture has proposed to raise 1.4 thousand times the duty on foreign film

Officials of the Ministry of culture to discuss the idea to increase the amount of the stamp duty on the hire of foreign films 1.4 thousand times, from 3.5 thousand to 5 million rubles About this in an interview with “Vedomosti” said the managing Director of the cinema Fund Anton Malyshev.

“This will clean the rental from a significant number of foreign movies of low quality. In return we will have more sessions under our cinema,” he said.

The Ministry of culture in an interview with the publication reported that this idea is actively promoted by the head of Department Vladimir Medinsky. According to him, the Minister intends to present the proposal at the Council of cinematography, which will take place in the government.

The newspaper’s source said that the money Medina has referred to the film Fund and subsequently spent on the creation of Russian films. In case of approval of ideas of value distribution certificate for Russian films will also be 5 million rubles. However, unlike foreign films, these costs will be reimbursed. The representative of the Ministry of culture refused to comment to Vedomosti.

The newspaper cites data of the portal “Booker’s Bulletin”, according to which from 585 movies shown in Russia in 2016, 413 were foreign. Fees for the year amounted to 49 billion, almost 82% of this amount was accounted for by foreign films. However, in 2015 the share of Russian movies was below 18%.

This is not the first proposal of the Ministry of culture, which, according to officials, should support domestic films in hire charges. In April of last year the Deputy of the state Duma of the sixth convocation Ildar Samiyev proposed to introduce a “progressive tax” on foreign films in Russia. He also proposed to impose taxes on those paintings that are more than 20% of Russian cinemas. In the summer of 2015 for the introduction of a tax on foreign films spoke and Medina.