The White house explained trump’s desire to improve relations with Russia

As reported at a briefing in Washington a press-the Secretary of the trump Sean Spicer, the new US President is sure that you will be able to establish relations with Russia, “because he knows how to make deals,” according to the Agency TASS. According to Spicer, trump will do anything in order to defend the interests of the United States.

“If we manage to get along with Russia, it will make the deal, which will best serve the interests of his country,” he added.

During the election campaign trump talked about its readiness to hold talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin and reach a compromise on various international policy issues. However, he gave assurances that relations with Russia during his presidency will be good.

January 23, Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said that Moscow and Washington agree on a date for a possible telephone conversation the presidents of the two countries. This Peskov said that the question of a personal meeting of Putin and trump is not worth it.

Information about a possible meeting between trump and Putin appeared in the press on 15 January. Newspaper the Sunday Times reported that the first personal meeting of the presidents in Reykjavik. However, later in Moscow and Washington have not confirmed this information. In turn, the authorities of Iceland have stated that to them nobody addressed for this reason.