CB recorded complaints about the inability to buy electronic insurance

The Bank of Russia recorded the first case of electronic sales of insurance policies. As the representative of the press service of the Central Bank, consumers, in particular, complain about the inability to buy a policy on the website of the chosen insurance company. Instead, they are redirected to the website of another insurer. Market participants do not exclude the possibility that insurers can use the tool to cover up the unwillingness to sell e-policies in the so-called toxic areas where there is high loss payouts. In the Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI) is now discussing the introduction of fines for the failure of some companies to implement e-policies.

“E-insurance for most consumers is a new service, motorists are getting used to the ability to communicate with the insurer on the Internet. That is why some of the complaints received by the Bank of Russia for matters of communication with the insurance company, the difficulties with completing the application for insurance in electronic form,” — said the employee of the press service of the Central Bank. However, he noted that part of the complaint related to the inability to buy a policy on the website selected by the user of the insurance company, as is redirects to another insurer.

The mechanism of replacement of the insurer, developed by the Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI), allows to ensure continuity of sales of e-policies due to the connection sites of other members of the Union. If the client, due to existing technical problems can not issue the policy, he is redirected to the site another insurer. The insurer in this case is randomly selected from the total number of insurers OSAGO.

“If you attach a mechanism of replacement of the insurer, on the computer screen a message appears with suggestion to follow the link to the website of replacement of the insurer”, — said the employee of the press service of RSA, noting that the relevant provisions enshrined in the rules of professional activity of the enterprises agreed with the Bank of Russia.

In RSA reported that the fixed complaints from individuals about difficulties in the design of electronic insurance. “Applicants are concerned that due to the shifting of customer from one insurer to the other insurer’s website; it is impossible to conclude, e-Polis in connection with emerging errors; [there are] the General questions on the procedure of conclusion of the contract CTP in electronic form,” — said the press officer of the Association. However, he notes that from the beginning of 2017, and as of 15:00 GMT 24 Jan, RAMI received 104 such written request.

Officially, market participants do not explain the reasons for private transfers. However, a market participant, who requested anonymity, said that this is the right way for those who do not want to sell e-insurance, especially if we are talking about the so-called toxic areas where there is a high loss ratio. “Some companies now do so. For example, after entering all the data of the client falls error and want to write all over again. “I don’t know how companies do it technically, but some of these are now actively used”, — told other source in the market.

As previously stated the President of RSA Igor Yurgens, in some regions, in some companies there is a low level of sales of electronic policies. According to statistics, PCA, 1 to 19 of January at least 500 electronic policies have been sold in 32 regions, at least 100 policies in seven regions (the Chukchi, Nenets Autonomous district, Tuva, Magadan and the Jewish Autonomous region, Altai and Yakutia). In this case, the regions-leaders in sales of electronic insurance became the Krasnodar territory, the Volgograd, the Rostov region, Stavropol Krai, each of which in this period sold more than 4.5 million e-policies. In just the first 20 days of January in Russia sold about 100 thousand policies.

“Accordingly, the necessary sanctions. The Board of the RBA decided to instruct the relevant committees of the Union to develop a system of sanctions and asked the representatives of the Bank of Russia to take part in this work”, — said Jurgens. According to him, the proposals of the committees of RSA will be considered at the meeting of the Board of RSA on 2 February. It is planned that on February 9 they will be approved by the Presidium of the Association.

According to amendments to the law on insurance, in force since last summer, from 1 January 2017 all insurance companies licensed for the relevant activities, are obliged to conclude contracts in electronic form on the whole territory of the Russian Federation. The insurer entering into such contracts online, must ensure continuous and uninterrupted operation of its sites. Under current law, the total duration of the interruption in the website of the insurer per day should not exceed 30 minutes. At carrying out of planned technical works, the company is required not less than a day in advance to notify on the home page, putting the date and time of their graduation. If you have any questions with buying e-insurance policies insurers may make reference to the Department for the protection of financial services consumers and minority shareholders, Bank of Russia, and SAR.