Central Bank rejected accusations that the Bulk of the requirement to close the purse on “Yandex”

The Central Bank of Russia has denied the accusations of the head of the Fund of struggle against corruption Alexei Navalny, who claimed that the regulator demanded that the service “Yandex.Money” to close the electronic wallet used by the opposition to raise funds for his presidential campaign. The CBR has published its statement on the official page in Facebook.

In his post Navalny wrote that the staff “Yandex.Money” told him about the requirement of the Central Bank “under any pretext” to close the wallet, which belonged to his ally Leonid Volkov and used to raise funds for the election campaign.

The opposition leader also published a copy of the letter from Volkov “Yandex.Money”, which States that the use of the purse “can be regarded by the regulator as being contrary to the law on elections”. Representatives of the service asked to refuse the collection of funds for the campaign through the purse.

Shortly after the publication of the post Navalny in “Yandex.Money” said that the service will limit the collection of funds for e-wallet users on political goals. The service explained that the law requires to limit the use of wallets “for the purposes and in ways that from the point of view of the legislation can be considered ambiguous”. “Yandex.Money” emphasized that the same restrictions have the other payment systems, for example, Qiwi and PayPal.

The Bank of Russia in its response, the opposition argues that the staff “no calls, nor any other way” didn’t commit that imputes to them the Bulk. Central Bank demands from the opposition or the name of the employee of the controller who allegedly demanded the closure of Yandex.Purse, either to apologize for publishing false, according to Central Bank data.

The Central Bank promises that if such a requirement really someone nominated from employees, the regulator will conduct a “full investigation, and all involved in the situation will be punished.” “It will be done publicly,” the promises of the Central Bank.

The Bank of Russia also States that the requirements that are written Navalny, could not be presented by the regulator. “The Bank of Russia has no right to demand the closure of a specific e-wallet (as well as a particular Bank account)”, — stated in the post.

Commenting on the copy of the letter that the opposition leader was published, the Central Bank writes that “the word “regulator” in this context cannot refer to the Bank of Russia, since the Bank of Russia does not regulate relations in the field of elections”.

Navalny himself in the comments to the post argues that “Yandex.Money” “specially because of us [opposition team’s] changing the rules of the service”, that is, in his opinion, proof of the involvement of the Central Bank.

“And you here it in all seriousness write “CBA is not a regulator”? Or a payment system “Yandex. Money” subject to the regulation of the CEC?”, — said the oppositionist.

The Central Bank responded to the comment Navalny, stressing that the issue of changing the rules in the “Yandex.The money” should be addressed directly to the payment system. The regulator suggests that it may be associated with the electoral legislation.

“While your accusations are based on the fact that someone from the Bank somewhere said something, but who to whom and under what circumstances is not known. This is a very weak evidence base, Aleksei Anatolyevich”, — writes the Bank of Russia.

Alexei Navalny announced his intention to participate in elections of the President of Russia in mid-December, 2016.