China called speculation reports about the deployment of missiles near the border with Russia

The foreign Ministry of China has denied the placement of Intercontinental ballistic missiles of its own design, the DF-41, near the border with Russia in Heilongjiang province. Agency spokesman Hua Chunying reported about it during a briefing on 24 January and gave the appearance of such publications in the press speculation.

“According to information provided by the Ministry of defence, reports of so-called military deployment are nothing more than speculations that circulate on the Internet,” — said Hua Chunying.

On the eve of the Chinese newspaper Global Times has pictures of the Intercontinental ballistic missile, the DF-41, allegedly made “some Hong Kong and Taiwanese media,” in Heilongjiang province, bordering Russia. The publication wrote, citing military analysts, that these pictures depicted the second strategic missile brigade of the DF-41, which will be located on the North-East of China. Experts believe that the development and production of the rocket completed China, however, official confirmation of information, said the newspaper.

Global Times is a subdivision of the “people’s daily”, the largest Chinese daily Newspapers, established by the Communist party.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the development of military technology in China is not perceived in the Kremlin as a military threat. According to him, China is a partner and ally of Russia in the economic and political sphere in Moscow cherish the relationship with Beijing.

Answering the question about the location of the missile, the DF-41 to the border with Russia, Hua Chunying said that such reaction of the Kremlin indicates a high level of trust between the two countries. “We will work with Russia to deepen and broaden our strategic cooperation in different areas,” she said.