NBC found out about the audition of the Russian Ambassador with the FBI

According to NBC, citing a source in the security services USA in December, FBI agents tapped telephone conversations of dubious and Lieutenant General retired Mike Flynn, who is an Advisor to Donald trump. In particular, we are talking about the discussion that took place on the day of Barack Obama’s new anti-Russian sanctions.

The NBC source pointed out that the FBI is nothing serious in the conversation with Flynn Kislyak was found. According to him, there is no formal investigation into the incident was conducted.

Yesterday CBS reported that us intelligence agencies “interested in one telephone conversation between Flynn and dubious”, however, did not indicate that the FBI was engaged in listening.

An NBC source acknowledged that in reality the intelligence agencies rarely listen to the officials talk with foreigners, because often it is part of their work, and anything interesting from the interviews to extract fails. The exception was the conversation American diplomat Robin Raphael, which the FBI after one of her conversations was suspected of working for the secret services of Pakistan. Later, the state Department announced that the FBI simply misunderstood the essence of the conversation.