The authorities decided to complete the free privatization of housing

The state Duma Committee on housing on Wednesday recommended for the first reading the bill of the Deputy-the United Russia Alexander Sidyakin, whereby free housing privatization, citizens will be completed March 1, 2017. This right until January 1, 2020, the Deputy proposed to retain only a few categories of citizens — in particular, for orphans, residents of Crimea and Sevastopol and on the waiting list whose homes were in disrepair before January 1, 2012. The number of beneficiaries for the second reading of the bill can be extended: in particular, to discuss the issue of granting the right for free privatization to the people, subject to relocation of all damaged houses.

Four bills providing for the extension of the mass of free privatization, the Committee recommended to reject. “We can’t start with a number of market mechanisms that we have, in particular, in 600-m decree of the President (one of the “may” decrees of Vladimir Putin. — ) listed for the construction of housing for non-recruitment etc. — until the end of the free privatization”, — said the deputies Sidyakin. The problem of separate categories of citizens, according to the Deputy, you need to decide the “point”.

Position Sidyakina was supported by the representative of the government — Deputy Minister of housing Nikita Stasyshyn. “We have a common position of the government that privatization needs to be completed… we Have a challenge for the development of rental housing, and the privatization and the extension of its leads to the fact that the regions are not interested in forming any non-commercial rent, nor maneuverable (residential) of the Fund, any Fund. Therefore, the position of this government,” — said the official.

According to Sidyakina (first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee for housing and communal services) for the duration of the program was free 30.5 million privatized residential premises. 77% of people who wanted to privatize housing and did it, said the Deputy.

Chairman of the Committee on housing and communal services Galina Khovanskaya, which proposed its draft law on free privatization (Committee rejected it), asked to extend privatization to families against privatization of objects to one of the relatives. According to her, such cases are not uncommon, and she “doesn’t want old people sent this to the light”. But representatives of United Russia, the proposal was not supported, according to Sidyakina, such contentious issues repeatedly decided by the courts.

Free housing privatization extended in Russia several times, but in January of 2016, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that “to extend these deadlines indefinitely is impossible.”