The government refused to allocate 70 billion rubles for the fight against HIV

The health Ministry has sent the government a plan for the implementation of the state strategy of counteraction to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), calculated up to 2020. A copy of the document is available , its authenticity was confirmed by a source close to the government. The plan does not provide for additional money to fight the infection. In the feasibility study of the project, officials point out that to Finance the implementation of the plan should be the Agency responsible for its implementation, as well as regions.

Additional funding for the plan was provided in one of the previous versions of the plan, which also reviewed . In the project the Ministry of health indicated that to achieve the targets of the strategy requires additional budget money -17,5 bn annually. Of these, 13.2 billion roubles is planned to spend on the treatment, 3.2 billion roubles for diagnostics and 1.1 billion rubles — for control treatment. This funding was to allow by 2020 to cover the special treatment of all patients with HIV who are registered in AIDS centers, and to increase to 35% the proportion of the population, held annually tested for HIV. In 2015 for HIV tested for 19.3% of the population, while drug therapy provided by 37.3%.

The allocation of 70 billion rubles for four years, was not approved by the Ministry of Finance, to the opinion of the Department, addressed to the Ministry of health 22 December 2016. First Deputy Finance Minister Tatyana Nesterenko did not support additional appropriations because these funds were not included in the Federal law on the budget for 2017-2019. In the opinion of the Agency said that the allocation of a budget for new expenses you can include only from the beginning of the financial year and provided that the state will have additional sources of income.

The project plan for the HIV response will be discussed in the government, said the expert of Fund of assistance to AIDS Dennis Godlewski. It is possible that the MoH will be able to defend the required amount, the expert said.

35% of the population, annually taking the HIV tests, and 100% treatment coverage of all including patients — those indicators which the Ministry expects to achieve only when in the case of “appropriate” funding is listed in the already adopted strategy for the fight against HIV. If money is not then relevant, the Agency proposes to rely on other figures: in the current budget for health care the proportion of citizens under investigation for infection, will grow only to 24%, and the treatment will receive 56% of those infected.

The Ministry of health has not responded to questions about which indicators will finally consider the authority in the implementation of the strategy.

If the state Department will effectively and efficiently use existing funds, the situation will start to change for the better, said the Deputy Director of external relations non-profit partnership “E. V. A.” Alexey lahov. “And when the situation will begin to change for the better, it will be possible to make an economic justification for requesting additional funds”, — suggested the expert.

The strategy of combating infection was approved on 20 October 2016. It does not contain information on financing.