The media learned about the plans of the trump to recover the secret CIA prisons

A draft order prepared by the administration of Donald trump, can open the way for the restoration program of the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) on secret prisons outside the United States for terrorism suspects. This writes the Washington Post, citing a copy of the document.

As writes the edition, the draft resolution is entitled “Detention and interrogation of enemy”. The document cancels the decision of 2009 of the then President of the United States Barack Obama on the completion of this program. At the same time the draft resolution restores the decree of George Bush Jr., who in 2007 as President of the ruling somewhat changed version of a program called “Extradition and interrogation” and renewed its action.

The draft document says that the United States “abstained from exercising some of the powers are very important for his defence” in the war against terrorism, including the “cessation of all secret interrogations the Central intelligence Agency”.

The document is not prescribed a direct indication of the CIA for the restoration of such prisons, but contains a recommendation to the President “to restore the program to foreign terrorists the special importance with which the work will be done outside of the United States.” In addition, the President recommended to make “places of detention in the programme were under the control of the CIA.”

Signed trump the document is not clear. The white house declined to comment, the newspaper notes.

The decree on the closure of all CIA secret prisons was published by Obama on 23 January 2009. In April 2009, the then CIA Director Leon Panetta has reported the closure of all prisons who were abroad.