JV Rostec and “Pole” won the auction for the largest field of gold

A joint venture of Rostec and the company “the pole” said Kerimov “CL Gold” won the auction for the development of the gold Deposit Sukhoi Log. The journalists said the Minister of natural resources Sergey Donskoy, reports .

“The winner of the auction on the largest gold Deposit “Sukhoy Log” was “SL-Gold. In the Federal budget as a result of the auction will go to 9 billion 406 million rubles,” — said Donskoy.

The auction was 1 step, the value of the asset has increased by 10 percent to 855 million rubles.

As noted by don, the implementation of this project will have a powerful
effect on socio-economic development of Irkutsk region
macro-region will accelerate the development of related industries.

Russia’s natural resources Ministry will “monitor the progress of project implementation at all stages to ensure the implementation of all license requirements, compliance with environmental legislation,” he said.

The auction received only two bids. With the “CL Gold” fought a joint venture of structures VTB and Ibrahim Palankova “Gold Bodaybo”.