Regardie reported a massive DDos attack on your website

The Internet site Regardie almost daily subjected to a massive DDos attack. This was announced by the representative of the press service of the Ministry.

According to him, the official web-site started to work intermittently on the eve in the evening around 17:00 GMT. “Specialists of the Department of communications Regardie found that the website suffered a massive DDos attack from multiple network requests, leading to the full utilisation of resources, and of the impossibility of the site,” — said the representative of Regardie.

He noted that on Thursday, at 02:00 MSK was detected and blocked about 450 unique IP addresses from which the attack was carried out, and later their number increased to 7.8 thousand

Currently, arrangements are being made for the reflection of DDos-attacks and restore the operation of the site, said the press officer. “Kicking a can”, he said.