Reuters found out about the risk of failure of the delivery of 1 million tons of wheat from Russia to Syria

The deal for the supply to Syria of 1 million tons of Russian wheat to prevent bread shortages in the Arab Republic, concluded in October last year, can be broken. About it reports Reuters referring to the Syrian and Russian government sources.

One of the Syrian sources familiar with the discussion of the transaction, stated that the final contract is still not agreed, citing bureaucratic delays. However, he said that talking about the deficit is not.

The representative of the Ministry of agriculture’s Agency explained that the main problem is that the little-known firm that won the tender for the supply of wheat, not enough experience, and she offered a too low price.

The Syrian state grain Agency Hoboob last year held three tenders for the purchase of 1.35 million tons of wheat. Last year, the volume of the harvest due to the dry summer and the ongoing war, fell by half, showing at least the last 27 years.

The largest tender by nearly 1 million tons, Russia has won. It was assumed that Russian wheat will be supplied monthly in batches of 75 thousand tons. Delivery was to begin in 60 days after will be provided with a letter of credit, said a source in the Syrian government. “Letter of credit still has not provided” — he said. “We got nothing from the Russian company,” the source added.

A source in the Ministry of agriculture of Russia has questioned in an interview with the Agency that the contract can be executed. According to him, “Surnamer”, which won the tender will not deliver the wheat, the uncoordinated price that is too low.

According to a source in the Syrian government if the deal eventually falls through, the country will look for other suppliers. At the same time, he said, was the lack of bread in the country is not expected because of “strategic reserve.”