The Syrian opposition rejected Russia’s draft Constitution

The Syrian opposition has rejected the draft Constitution proposed by Russia during the Syrian peace talks in Astana. About it reports Bloomberg with reference to the member of the delegation of the rebels at the talks, Yahya al-Aridi.

“We told them [the Russian] that the only one who has the right to write the Constitution of Syria is the Syrian people. The experience of Paul Bremer in Iraq (he was the Plenipotentiary representative of President George W. Bush in Iraq in 2003-2004 — .) it is quite revealing: when the Constitution was written in another country, it won’t work”, — said the Agency al-Aridi during a telephone conversation.

To discuss the details of the proposed Moscow project, he refused.

As reported earlier, citing a source close to the delegation of the armed opposition, the draft Constitution offers the Syrians to elect a President for a term of seven years without the possibility of reelection for a second term. The document also suggests that the redistribution of powers of the President in favor of a bicameral Parliament. In addition, the number of offers of Russia — the creation of a Kurdish autonomy. According to “Interfax”, the draft Constitution rejects Sharia as a source of law.