The UN under the acronym: why is the trump cut funding to the organization

The UN under the acronym: why is the trump cut funding to the organization

What happened

The administration of the new President of the United States Donald trump is going to cut funding for the United Nations. According to The New York Times, has prepared a draft decree under which the United States refuses to Fund UN agencies and other international organizations.

In the document entitled “Audit and reduction of US funding of international organizations” put forward several criteria that should determine which international institutions can lose the support of the American administration. Among them will include organizations and programs that:

  • granted a full member status to the Palestinian national authority and the Palestine liberation Organization;
  • aimed at the failure of sanctions against Iran and the DPRK;
  • controlled by, or is under the significant influence of States that sponsor terrorism;
  • accused of systematic violation of human rights.

The draft decree contains a reference to the need to reduce by at least 40% of the total amount of funding that the US provides the international structures that match the specified criteria.

According to The New York Times, a reduction of funding can enter program in support of peacekeeping operations and the countries that oppose US policy, the International criminal court, as well as UNFPA (United Nations Fund for population), which deals with projects for the protection of motherhood and reproductive health. The decree trump could seriously restrict the activities of UN peacekeeping missions that are heavily dependent on us funding.

The draft of the second decree prepared by the administration trump, involves an audit of all international treaties involving the United States. According to its results, should a decision be made about which agreements can reach the American side.

The document States that it is not agreements that are “directly related to national security issues, extradition of criminals, or international trade.” More specific criteria for the text does not specify, so it is difficult to predict what kind of contracts might give up US. In the explanatory note to the text says only about two treaties that can be reviewed: the Convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women 1981 and the Convention on the rights of the child 1990.

The US President Donald trump

Photo: Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP

What is the Trump?

During his election campaign, trump has repeatedly declared its readiness to revise the membership of the United States in existing international agreements.

The new head of the White house has repeatedly expressed skepticism about American involvement in environmental treaties, primarily in the Paris agreement, which regulates measures to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere from 2020. In his opinion, such arrangements inhibit the development of the American economy.

Trump spoke about the United Nations: in his Twitter he wrote that she has “huge potential, but now it’s just a club where people gather to chat and have a good time”.

Reduced funding of the UN and a direct indication of the organizations that recognize Palestine as an independent subject of international policy and bypass the Iran sanctions, may be associated with trump’s desire to strengthen relations with Israel. The new head of the White house repeatedly calling tel Aviv as its main ally in the middle East.

Under the Obama administration relations between the two countries deteriorated: for example, in the last days of 2016, the United States did not block the resolution, which included demands that Israel stop housing construction in the Palestinian territories, and one of the last actions of the Obama presidency was the transfer of $221 million to the Palestinian authority. In addition, relations between the two countries has deteriorated considerably after the decision of the US and the EU to remove sanctions against Iran — the main antagonist of Israel in the middle East.

Trump has spoken in support of Israel on the key for that state issues, and changing their policies in relation to the UN announced in his Twitter back in December, a month before the official inauguration of the President. “As for the UN, everything will change after January 20 (inauguration day — .)”, he wrote.

After the adoption of the UN resolution, Israel stated that it will suspend the payment of contributions to the organization equal to approximately $6 million In the same amount in a middle Eastern country assess the costs of UN funding anti-Israel organizations. The administration of the tramp, in fact, repeats the action of tel Aviv. The difference is that for the UN the consequences of the decisions of the United States can be much more serious.

What may lose UN?

To talk about what the Agency or projects of the organization may suffer is premature – in the administration of the trump plan to carefully examine the cost of US support for international organizations. If the United States cut its funding to the UN by 40%, the organization will lose about $244 million — almost 9% of its total budget.

How is the UN?

All expenses are covered by the UN within its budgets due to mandatory and voluntary contributions by all 193 of its member States — this provision appears in article 17 of the Charter of the organization.

Each country pays contributions in accordance with the special scale, which is reviewed every three years. The main criterion of the scale is the solvency of the country, which is determined by the percentage contribution to GNP of each country, adjusted for certain factors such as income per capita of the country.

In 2000, the UN General Assembly has established that the amount of the individual premium shall not exceed 22% of the total budget of the organization. This is the maximum possible share of the UN budget and account for contributions of the United States. In 2017, the UN budget was $2,776 billion, of which $610,84 million — us contributions.

Second place in the list of the main “donor countries” the UN is Japan, which form the contributions of 9.68 per cent of the budget, followed by China, Germany, France and the UK. Russia occupies 9-e a place on size of financing the UN, its contributions amount to slightly more than 3% of the budget is $85.74 million

How will the reduction?

The New York Times notes that the content postavlyaet a lot of questions. The mechanism of reduction remains in question: for example, it is not yet known, will relate to whether this reduction to 40% of the total amount of relevant expenditures of the Federal budget, or talking about proportional cuts in funding those programs and organizations that fall under the specified it criteria.

Moreover, in the text of the first decree says that the US should reconsider the issues of their participation in the financing of the International criminal court (ICC), however, the Americans and so do not participate in it. The ICC is to prosecute those responsible for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, and often criticized, including US, as an institution, limiting the sovereignty of States.

Anyway, the process is already running. The new U.S. representative to the UN, Nikki Haley stated that the process of learning contracts and agreements with the United States, will take a year. The study will be presented to the President a report on how the money coming into the organization as contributions, and proposed ways of reducing the size of these contributions.

The Commission, which will undertake this work, will include representatives of the State Department, the Pentagon, the Ministry of justice and national intelligence. The final decision on the reduction of funding will have to obtain the approval of Congress.