WP got trump to leave without a work of the highest officials of the state Department

According to The Washington Post, a group of high-ranking employees of the state Department leaves the foreign Ministry after the approval by the head of Rex Tillerson. It is not about the dismissal, and that they will not be reappointed to their positions.

The publication notes that traditionally, the heads of 13 departments of the state Department remained in their seats after the change of administration, but this time part of the officials told that they will not be asked to continue the work, and their candidacies will not be made for the approval of the Senate.

WP assumes that the dismissed diplomats will replace any other state Department employees, or experts, who under Barack Obama have not worked in the foreign Ministry.

Full list of officials who will have to leave his post, the publication does not, just to mention Deputy Secretary of state Patrick Kennedy, who worked in the Department since 2007.

Earlier, Reuters reported that the state Department leaving assistant Secretary of state for diplomatic security Gregory Starr, and Deputy Secretary of state for consular Affairs Michelle bond. Also asked to leave the state Department Deputy head of Department for arms control and international security Tom Contryman.

The Associated Press reported on the dismissal of assistant Secretary on Affairs of Europe and Eurasia Victoria Nuland.