CB asked Navalny name, demanding to close the “Yandex.Purse” employee

CB asked Navalny name, demanding to close the “Yandex.Purse” employee

Moscow. 25 Jan. The Bank of Russia has demanded from the oppositionist Alexey Navalny or disclose the name of the employee of the Central Bank, which allegedly demanded the closure of “Yandex.Of the purse” to raise funds for political purposes, or to apologize for the false information.

On Monday, Navalny wrote on his website that his ally Leonid Volkov received a notice from the service “Yandex.Money” with a request within five days to stop using the e-wallet to collect funds for his presidential campaign.

“A week after you start collecting the good people of “Yandex.Money” honestly told us: dude, we call CB (“Yandex.Money” in the payment system falls under their regulation), and requires that we, under any pretext, closed the purse, Leonid Volkov, in which we collect money,” Navalny wrote. Service motivated by the fact that the use of purse for these purposes “could be interpreted by the regulator as being contrary to the law on elections”.

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TSB is not a regulator in the elections

The word “regulator” in this context cannot refer to the Bank of Russia, because it does not regulate relations in the field of elections, wrote to the Central Bank on its Facebook page. In addition, the Central Bank said that the Bank of Russia has no right to demand the closure of a specific e – wallet as well as the specific Bank account.

“It is logical to assume that reported you about my conversation with Bank employees “Yandex.Money” you know the name of the man he was talking to. No reason to hide it. If this “caller of CB” exists, we will conduct a full investigation, and all involved in the situation will be punished. This will be done publicly. Otherwise, not only we, but your readers deserve an apology for the fact that you were misled,” said the Central Bank.

Employees of the Central Bank, “neither phone calls, nor in any other way not have committed the actions described in your posts, Alexey,” said Navalny at the Bank of Russia.

“Yandex.Money” limit

After Bulk application “Yandex.Money” spread the message about the restriction of fundraising to the purse for political purposes. “The law requires us to limit the use of electronic wallets in order to and ways from the point of view of the legislation can be considered ambiguous – otherwise, the company has compliance risks. Worrying about millions of users, we must minimize these risks. This limit is the standard for the market of electronic payments”, – explained then the representative of “Yandex.Money.”

Now the restriction on fundraising for political purposes exists in the user agreements of other payment systems on the market – PayPal and Qiwi.