Curator of public projects of the Kremlin will go to work in the Ministry of education

The head of the Department of public works (OPS) of the President Pavel Zenkovich will be the state Secretary — Deputy Minister of education, told a source close to the Kremlin, and confirmed presiding over a press-service of the Ministry Andrey Emelyanov.

“We expect Paul Stanislavovich in the coming days we have. His coming to office will strengthen the competence of the Ministry, including in terms of interaction with government bodies, presidential administration, government, etc.” — said Emelyanov.

The most probable relief Zenkovich in the post of chief of the interlocutors close to the Kremlin, called Sergei Novikov, who currently occupies the post of Deputy head of domestic policy and is responsible for the information agenda.

Review of Novikov could not be obtained.

Both management and CRM, and CIP — are under the coaching of the first Deputy head of presidential administration Sergey Kiriyenko.

The purpose Zenkovich Ministry of education head of Fund of development of civil society Konstantin Kostin explains that the head of Department Olga Vasilyeva seriously rebuilds the work of the Ministry: “there is therefore the need for competent expert — the Deputy Minister, which would ensure the cooperation of the Ministry with the presidential administration, Federal Assembly”.

If we start from the competence and experience of Pavel Zenkovich, his appointment will look logical and successful, adds Kostin: “Zenkovich worked in the government, the foreign Ministry, the presidential administration, he has a good relationship with the speaker of the state Duma”.

Zenkovich has headed the newly created Department of the presidential administration on public projects in October 2012. Before that, he spent six months was zemachinima of the presidential administration on domestic policy, responsible for information policy, work with civil society. Prior to UVP Zenkovich held the post of Deputy head of the election headquarters of Vladimir Putin in the presidential elections of 2012. In the Premiership, Putin, in 2008, he worked as the Deputy Director of the Department of press service and information of the government. In 2007, he worked as an assistant to Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov. The current Minister of education Olga Vasilyeva, Deputy which was Zenkovich, in turn was formerly his Deputy to work in the Department of the presidential administration on public projects.

Immediately after coming to education Vasiliev began to change the team that scored its predecessor Dmitry Livanov. The new Minister has released from posts of three deputies and three heads of departments. So, the sacked Deputy Alexander Klimov, Ekaterina Tolstikova and Alexander Povalko. They were in charge of the most important directions of work of the Ministry — in particular, tendering procedures, information policy, personnel policy, property, financial matters, etc