The Prosecutor’s office opened a case on non-payment of wages to the builders of the subway

Runaway Director

The Moscow Prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case on non-payment of wages to the builders of the Kalininsko-Solntsevskaya metro line company “SMU 77”. This was reported by the official representative of Department Elena Rossokhina.

The case was filed on Thursday evening, January 26, under part 2 of article 145 of the criminal code “Full nonpayment of a salary over two months for selfish interest”. The amount of debt is estimated at 8.8 million rubles.

On Friday, January 27, about 50 construction workers have been summoned for questioning to the Investigation Department of southern administrative district of Moscow against “SMU 77”, said the representative of the Interregional trade Union “workers Association” Gregory Sivatchyov. Just from the actions of companies affected 74 people, according to the Union.

According to SPARK, “SMU 77” was established in June of 2016. The authorized capital is 10 thousand rubles. the Office is located in the street Rosinski, at the same address with him was more than 2 thousand companies. CEO and owner of 70% is Anzor, Khubuluri, a co-owner Teimuraz Gagiev. Information in the public domain about them. On the construction of the Kalininsko-Solntsevskaya metro line “SMU 77” was a contractor at the company “SMU ENGEOCOM”, 50% of which belongs to a large construction company JSC “Association Ingeokom”.

“SMU Ingeokom” claim transferred “SMU 77” money for work in January. All were sent to more than 14.6 million rubles., said in a letter addressed to the first Deputy head of the Department of construction of Moscow Pyotr Aksyonov (copy of letter available).

Chief engineer “SMU “Ingeokom” Tengiz Shurgaya said that in the middle of the month the General Director of “SMU 77” disappeared. “SMU Ingeokom” has filed a complaint with the Prosecutor’s office to help in his search. According to Shurgaya, “SMU 77” was engaged in the excavation of the tunnel, the trim chambers of Congress coining. He argues that a small authorized capital of a subcontractor and the fact that the company was established in June 2016, does not matter. Claims to work was not.

In a press-service of JSC “Ingeokom”, which is the General contractor of the construction of Kalininsko-Solntsevskaya metro line, reported that the sub-contract with the “SMU 77” signed “SMU Ingeokom” and to interfere in their “financial relations” the company has no right.

Another 300 million rubles.

The Prosecutor filed and builders working in 2016 at the facilities of LLC “Horizon” – hubs of the Moscow Central ring, the North-East Expressway, the Shchelkovo highway. The total amount of debt in front of them could reach 300 million rubles., calculated on the basis of data submitted by the Union. According to sivacheva, about 1.5 thousand builders are not received on the average on 200 thousand rubles. Among victims – citizens of Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, the residents of Donbass. Few people plan to file lawsuits, says Sivatchyov. The Prosecutor’s office checks on the fact of complaints of former workers LLC “Horizon”, said Rassohina.

The construction company “Horizon” claim not to have debts for salary and weekly report to the Department of construction of Moscow. “We all work officially, on labor books. We transfer money to the card, including those who work on a rotational basis — sending a written notice and please send Bank details”, — said in the company’s management.

Perhaps the workers are not paid subcontractors “Horizon”, the company said. “We have up to 80 contractors. Maybe people worked in one of them, and believed that “the Horizon” — said the source .

The city paid off

The Department of construction of Moscow announced that the city government has fulfilled all financial obligations to the companies working under state contracts. Officials received the treatment of citizens of non-payment of wages to workers of LLC “SMU-77”, then “SMU Ingeokom” has provided information that has paid with his subcontractor. Currently, the contractual relationship between them terminated, reported in a press-service of the Department.

The Ministry stressed that the resolution of labor disputes involved supervisors. “The non-payment and delayed payment of wages to its employees is a criminal offence and the consequence of unfair actions and errors of the management of commercial companies”, — said the press service.


LLC “Horizon” was in 2007, during the last three years has received contracts of nearly 50 billion rubles, including 7.3 billion rubles in 2016. The company participates in the construction of the North-East Expressway — phase from Shchelkovo to Izmailovsky highway, and completed the overpass on the Shchelkovo after the summer of 2016 Moscow terminated the contract with JSC “Transstroy” because of the failure charts. In 2015, the “Horizon” won the competition for the reconstruction of four streets North of the future-West Expressway.

“SMU Ingeokom” was in 1996, in 2015, earned 11.7 billion RUB 50% of the company owned by JSC “Association Ingeokom”, another 25% – Otari, Geperidze and Mac Souteze. One of the former owners indicated Levan Goglidze, former CEO of the “Tunnel unit — 44” who built the road before the Olympic games in Sochi, in particular the understudy Resort prospectus. In 2014 “-44” has been declared bankrupt, and Goglidze got 2.5 years probation on charges of abuse of office and illegal circulation of ammunition.