“The trump — knave stupid”: that Mexican media reports about the US President

“The trump — knave stupid”: that Mexican media reports about the US President


“Whatever it was, singing (Enrique peña Nieto — President of Mexico) is leaving and his government is trying to rectify the situation so that his six-year reign ends maximum turbulent, especially in the field of Economics and Finance. <…> It is ironic that trump and singing is much the same. Many of the things which really concern the Mexicans, during this upgrade relations to remain behind: human rights, corruption and drug trafficking”.

El Economista

“Good news for Mexico is that the construction of the wall will not be quick. Such a decision requires the approval of a certain part of the Congress. The bad news is that the President of the United States has broad powers to change the rules of the game in trade. Donald trump can bypass Congress, for example, to set tariffs on imports from Mexico. The main weapon in his Arsenal — the act international emergency economic powers from 1977. This law allows the President to declare “an extraordinary threat that occurs partially or completely due to the border of the United States.” <…> Is trade with Mexico a threat to the US? Donald trump did not use that word, but emphasized the harm it poses to his country. What does it matter if the data is wrong? We live in the era of postpreda, emotional truth, where everyone creates options that are close to their feelings, and believes in them.”


“You can discuss the free trade agreement treaties and the need to discuss them — but in order to understand, what a stupid assumption to trump that Mexico must pay, must be rejected. We cannot allow a single step back, whatever the consequences of our failure. <…> The protection of the sovereignty and dignity of our country should be paramount. Agreeing with trump, President peña and his representatives don’t pay attention to the highest values of citizens, those who impose them, accusing them of lack of patriotism and character.”

El Vigia (the material was published before singing canceled his trip to USA)

“The fact that Donald trump is a racist doesn’t scare me. <…> The fact that Donald trump is the damned rascal who never plays by the rules, I don’t care. As what Donald trump is a crook stupid. But what really scares me is the fact that Donald trump will hold a private meeting with Enrique peña Nieto <…> I’m scared to even imagine trump leading the negotiations with peña: we in the end not only will pay for the construction of the wall, but let’s give thanks gringo for the opportunity to do it for them. Do not be surprised if after meeting with trump, President peña will return to Mexico city and released an appeal on national television, where happily say: “fellow Citizens, I am happy to report that after my visit to Washington, the President trump not only told me that he is no longer going to build on the boundary wall, but that he forgives the entire debt of Mexico [before US]. In addition, the dollar will no longer cost 22 pesos, a fall that will benefit both currencies. <…> And as if all this were not enough, Mr. trump assured me that Mexico bring better times, but asked to notify you that [Mexicans] got 48 hours to leave the country.”

El Universal

“49% of Mexicans believe that Donald trump will not achieve what our country will pay for the border wall, which he promised to build during the election campaign; 41% thinks the contrary. <…> The trump repeated as the President-elect: the free trade agreement will be revised, and anti-immigration policy will be tightened. Mexicans will be deported to the country of origin, and between the two countries will build border wall. But what can we do Mexico? Let go? Expect that Donald trump will not carry out their threats? Rather, we should ask every Mexican that he can do to rid their country of disrespect from the United States. Those who have a strong position in civil society and in industry, needs to convince everyone else the confidence which the polls say, is the confidence that we can unite in the face of the new President of the United States. <…> The antidote to the hostile actions trump will be the strengthening of Mexico”.

As trump would build a wall on the border with Mexico


“The international community is in solidarity with Mexico in the world where “bully” gained control of the government of the most powerful country in the world. Everyone knows that Mexico is the country most vulnerable to the trump, and if he will make good on their threats, it will not only be unfair, but would violate international law. This does not mean that any country will send troops to protect Mexico from invasion by the States for refusing to pay for the border wall, however, Mexico will become a symbol of abuse, which can make the new US President”.