The white house said details of the conversation trump with the President of Mexico

White house and Mexican government told the details of an hour-long phone conversation last Friday between the presidents of the two countries Donald trump and Enrique peña Nieto.

The white house, according to Reuters, said there was disagreement about who should pay for the wall on the border. “Regarding the question of payment for the wall on the border, both President acknowledged the clear and public differences on this issue, but agreed to resolve the differences that will be part of the comprehensive negotiations on all aspects of bilateral relations”, — stated in the message of the White house.

The government of Mexico also noted the presence of “clear and public differences on this sensitive issue” and said that heads of state have agreed not to discuss the construction of a wall in public.

In addition, said the Mexican Cabinet, was discussed and other issues — in particular, the trade deficit of the USA with Mexico, but also arms trafficking and drugs.

The US President Donald trump, in turn, said that the conversation was “very, very friendly.” He noted that the United States intends to seek “a just and a new relationship” with Mexico. “However, the United States can’t continue to lose your business, your company,” — said the American President.

Trump noted that the previous leaders of the United States has allowed Mexico to “win at negotiations” and “to put [US] serious damage.” “They made us look silly” — said the American leader. According to him, the US intends “to revise the trade agreements and to revise other aspects of relations with Mexico.” “In the end it will be good for both countries,” concluded trump.