The Russian Embassy said Mei with a poem on her statement about Putin

The Russian Embassy in the UK published in his Twitter a poem in response to the words of the British Prime Minister Theresa may that in relations with Russian leader Vladimir Putin must act on the principle of “participate, but watch out.”

The poem can be translated literally as follows: “Participate, but watch out, said the Prime Minister. However, as far as we know, the cold war is long over.” The Agency “RIA Novosti” published a translation of the rhyme: “Cooperate, but be careful,” the Prime Minister warned. As far as we know, the cold war has long been rested”.

Earlier may, speaking about Russia during a speech at the Congress of the Republican party in Philadelphia, cited the example of Ronald Reagan’s negotiations with Mikhail Gorbachevym followed the principle of “trust but verify”. “With President [Vladimir. —] Putin I would advise you to act on the principle “enter, but be careful”, she said.

May, referring to the “spirit” of the cold war, urged the US and the UK to cooperate with the Kremlin “from a position of strength”. In case of failure countries, it also warned of a possible “Eclipse of the West.”