Media saw in Prince Charles’s threat to visit trump in the UK

State visit of the President of the United States Donald trump in the UK, scheduled for 2017, may be disrupted due to disagreements in the White house and Charles, Prince of Wales on the issue of climate change. About it reports The Sunday Times citing a source in the government of the United Kingdom.

According to the publication, the associates trump’s offer to the US President during his visit had met with Charles and his sons princes William and Harry. Supposedly the administration trump has already warned that for Charles, who is the supporter of the theory about the impact of human activities on climate change, it would be counterproductive to try to “lecture” the American President. At the same time, the source said, the Americans allegedly warned that trump “may explode” if the pressure on him.

“Donald trump engaged in extraordinary diplomatic scandal with the Prince of Wales on the issue of climate change that threatens to disrupt his state visit to the United Kingdom, — reports the edition. — The new President doesn’t want to meet the Prince during a trip to Britain in June due to their radically different views on the issue of global warming.”

Trump has repeatedly criticized and promised to cancel signed by the United States in April 2016 the Paris agreement to combat climate change. A few hours after the entry of the trump office of the White house vanished a section on climate change, said the newspaper. The publication also recalls that trump called the theory of climate change “Scam” developed by the Chinese for the destruction of American industry.

“He will not tolerate if anyone will read him a lecture, even a member of the Royal family. Honestly, they must think twice before placing it and Prince Charles in one room”, — the newspaper cites the opinion of a source close to the us administration.