Merkel and Hollande discussed with the trump of NATO, Russia and the middle East

The US President Donald trump on Saturday, January 28, held several telephone conversations with the leaders of several countries, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande.

So, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, us President discussed a range of issues, including NATO, the situation in the middle East and North Africa, relations with Russia and the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. This is stated in a joint statement, Merkel and trump published on the website of the German government.

As for NATO, the two leaders agreed that the Alliance “must confront the challenges of the XXI century”, however, investments in the common defense should come from all members of the Alliance. Both leaders also called for the importance of close German-American cooperation and expressed the desire to strengthen the bilateral relationship in the coming years.

The leaders of both countries also agreed to intensify their cooperation in combating terrorism and stabilizing the situation in the middle East and North Africa.

The statement also notes that trump accepted the invitation of the Chancellor to participate in the G20 summit in Hamburg in July this year and invited Merkel to Washington.

During a telephone conversation trump with the President of France Francois Hollande, also sounded the theme of relations with Russia. In particular, as noted by Reuters, citing a statement from the Elysee Palace, Hollande said Trump that sanctions against Russia can be cancelled only when they complete the Minsk agreement.

Also the French President in conversation with his U.S. counterpart spoke about the importance of NATO, and noted that the UN plays a leading role in conflict resolution.

Saturday, January 28, trump also held a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin.