US special forces suffered losses when are agreed with the trump of operations in Yemen

As informs Agency Bloomberg referring to the representative of the Pentagon, the purpose of the operation in Yemen was to gather information about a group of militants associated with the terrorist network “al Qaeda” (banned in Russia organization). However, the soldiers came under fire and returned fire. As a result of battle, one commando was killed and three were injured. The Pentagon indicate that 14 militants were killed, not a single prisoner could not take.

However, the Ministry of defense indicate that the RAID “managed to obtain information that will allow you to learn more about planned attacks by militants”.

The Pentagon explained that such operations undertaken in the past allowed us to learn more about terrorist financing and the methods of recruitment of new militants.

Press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer confirmed that President trump was informed of the forthcoming operation. However, he pointed out that the us military is always at risk when fighting terrorism.

The people of Yemen included in the number of citizens who are denied entry into the United States in accordance with the decree, which trump signed this week. Among the other countries whose residents will not be able to get to the United States called Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan and Somalia.