Russian hackers suspected in attack on foreign Ministry of Poland

The Polish Ministry of foreign Affairs in December 2016 was attacked by a group of hackers, which is associated with hacking the server of the US Democratic party. It is reported by the newspaper Rzeczpospolita.

According to him, some officer of the diplomatic offices have received emails, which allegedly contained statements by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg made the summit Russia-the NATO. In the attachment to the letter was an attached file containing a virus. When you open a document, it allowed hackers to access the computers of employees of the guardian.

Mariusz Burdach, a representative of the company Prevenity, which provides the security of computer networks Polish state institutions, explained that the hackers used a recently discovered bug in Adobe Flash Player. According to him, “the attack was carried out using the servers of the foreign Ministry of one of the States of Latin America”.

The Polish foreign Ministry and Prevenity believe that the attack is the hacker group APT28, it is also known under the names of Sofacy and Fancy Bear.

Previously, hackers from Fancy Bear blamed in the attacks on the German Parliament, the World anti-doping Agency (WADA), the OSCE, and also in the theft of correspondence of members of the US Democratic party.

In December 2016 the analytical group CrowdStrike has published a report stating that hackers Fancy Bear hacked a mobile application used by the Ukrainian artillery. It said that the hacking had led to a serious loss of artillery equipment. The defense Ministry denied this information.