The media learned about the plans to require travelers entering the United States to disclose information on social networks

According to sources for CNN, adviser to Donald trump on politics Stephen Miller held a meeting with officials of various departments, particularly the state Department, border patrol and Department of homeland security. In it, he said that the US administration is discussing the possibility to oblige entering the country, foreigners to disclose information on websites and social networks that they visit and to provide the contact information contained in their mobile phones.

According to Miller, if a foreigner will not provide this information, he may be refused entry. The idea is under preliminary discussion, the sources noted. It stems from the fact that opened fire in San Bernardino in December 2015 Tashfeen Malik called for Jihad in social networks. Discusses also how this measure can be implemented.

Besides, according to interlocutors of the channel, Miller at the meeting stressed that the trump “deeply committed” they adopted the decree on the limitation of entry into the United States, and urged “not to be distracted by the hysterical voices on the television.”

January 27, trump signed a decree to toughen the order of entry in the United States and the admission of refugees. The document, in particular, will terminate 120 days of the program of reception of refugees in General, and the admission of refugees from Syria indefinitely. Of 90 days are prohibited entry into the United States to citizens of countries that are included in the list of “high risk”, even if they have American visa.

The Ministry of the interior shall, in accordance with the decree to create and to introduce biometric system which will be designed to track the movement of individuals crossing the U.S. border. The document also suspend the visa waiver program.