Trump accused the two senators in a quest to start world war III

Senators from the Republican party John McCain and Lindsey Graham “always looking for a way to start a third world war,” wrote in his Twitter the President of the United States Donald trump in response to their joint statement criticizing the immigration Ordinance.

“Joint statement of former presidential candidate John McCain and Lindsey Graham wrongly — they are disappointingly weak on immigration. These two senators should focus their energy on ISIL [banned in Russia organization. —], illegal immigration and protect the borders instead of always looking for a way to start a third world war,” wrote trump.

Earlier, according to Reuters, McCain and Graham said that immigration decree trump, according to which 90 days are prohibited entry into the United States to citizens from seven countries with a Muslim majority, will help in recruiting terrorists, and not to strengthen the security of the United States.

“Ultimately, we fear that this decree would harm the fight against terrorism,” said the senators. In their opinion, adopted by trump’s actions “send a signal, intentional or not, that America does not want Muslims came to the country.” “That is why we fear that the decree will help the terrorists in their recruiting, rather than enhance our security,” — said McCain and Graham.