Consumer confidence of the Russians fell to the lowest in 12 years

In the 4th quarter of 2016, the value of the index of consumer confidence, according to Nielsen, was 63 points. This is the minimum quarterly figure since 2005 (the same value the index reached only once, in the first quarter of 2016), it follows from the studies available .

The authors of the study explain that the index is compiled from three indicators: assessing consumer prospects in the labour market, the level of financial well-being and willingness to spend money. A reading above 100 points suggests that the country is dominated by optimists, below 100 points, pessimistic.

“Model of consumption is completely transformed into a model savings. Saving all became a part of life,” — said in comments to the research head of evaluation of the effectiveness of sales and marketing communications Nielsen Marina Ershova.

Nielsen notes that a decrease in the value of the index is largely due to the fact that Russians are not willing to spend money — that now is not the time for spending, said 84% of respondents. During the year the number of Russians who hold this opinion, increased by 11 percentage points. 80% of respondents believe. what is the employment situation in the coming year will be “bad” and “not very good”.

However, only 27% of consumers rate their financial condition as “good” or “excellent.” The proportion of those That assess their finances negatively, is 67%.