Media reported about the plans Shoigu dressed in uniforms of employees of “defense”

According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, the representative of the Ministry of defence at defence enterprises, as well as CEOs and corporations began to receive documents with the recommendation to wear a uniform with insignia.

The publication claims that the question of imposing form arose after a single day of acceptance of the military last summer. Then the representatives of the defence industry reported Shoigu about their successes in loose clothing, and in the camera lens got people in t-shirts. The Minister, this situation caused “lack of understanding”.

In mid-December, the Deputy defense Minister for logistics Dmitry Bulgakov, together with state Secretary Nikolai Pankov said Shoigu on his proposals. According to their plan of a new form of leadership of the MIC is black in color and looks like a casual suit for the Russian military. On the chest on the right is the bar with the name of the organization, and on the right shoulder — sleeve insignia with the emblem of the company.

According to the newspaper, Shoigu agreed to this project, and in mid-January, the head of the military missions of the defense Ministry Colonel Oleg Stepanov has demanded from his subordinates to bring the decision of the Minister to the leaders of the defense industry. According to him, the form must “to wear while participating in joint activities (panels, meetings, forums, exhibitions) held by the defense Ministry.”

In state corporations, this information did not comment. The defense Ministry declined to comment.