The Finance Ministry has offered to exempt employees of the Central Bank from prosecution

According to the newspaper “Vedomosti”, the Ministry of Finance has amended the regulations on securities and the law on Deposit insurance, amendments, under which the staff of these agencies cannot be held accountable for their decisions. Be deprived of immunity in case of abuse of authority or corruption crimes.

We are talking about exemption from prosecution of heads of the Bank of Russia, heads of Department, the inspector General, the Secretary of state, chief of staff and head of the press service. In respect of staff of the DIA list is not yet defined, specifies the edition.

Deputy Minister of Finance of Russia Alexey Moiseev explained that the employees of the DIA and the Central Bank decisions in the framework of the procedures of bankruptcy and liquidation of banks. Some of these persons from among the owners of the collapsed banks may find incorrect. The proposed amendments should ensure the protection of officials from liability for unintended errors in making decisions to protect them from unfounded harassment and to facilitate free activity.

Partner Tertychny Agabalyan Ivan tertychnyy told the publication that “decisions of the Central Bank frequently raise the IRE of bankers and other market participants”. The Bank of Russia “uses reasoned judgment, which may be inconsistent with the understanding of this or that participant of the market.” According to Tertychnyi, dissatisfied can complain to the Prosecutor’s office, but a new bill could bring the Central Bank under the Prosecutor’s supervision.