The FSB and the army entered the three most influential institutions in the opinion of Russians

The head of state plays the most important role in the life of Russia at present. This is according to the poll by the Levada center. Sociologists asked respondents to evaluate the role of various government and public institutions in the country on a five-point scale (from 1 — “almost no” to 5 — “very large”).

The President scored 4.65 points. According to sociologists, the importance of the role of the President is steadily increasing from year to year. In January 2016 the Russians appreciated his role 4.57 points, in 2015 he scored 4.5 points, in 2014-m — 4.21 points in 2013 and 4.17.

Second place was shared by the Armed forces and the Federal security service (FSB). They scored 4.1 points. Both institutions have also strengthened their positions compared to last year. The importance of the army grew by 0.01 points, and FSB by 0.07 points.

The threshold at 4 points also overcame the presidential Administration, typing of 4.01 points. The role of the government the Russians was estimated at 3.8.

The state Duma (3,47), the police (3,42), governors (3,38) and the Church (religious organizations) (3,15) not included in the top-10 influential institutions on the assessment of the Russians.

The most insignificant role in the country’s life played by political parties (3,12), the intelligentsia (2,69) and trade unions (of 2.17), follows from the survey.

The survey was conducted from 20 to 23 January 2017, among 1,600 people aged 18 years and 137 localities of the 48 regions of Russia.