“The President hits the target”: as Republicans have criticized trump

“The President hits the target”: as Republicans have criticized trump

The decree trump 120 days suspended the program of reception of refugees and 90 days was denied entry to the country to citizens of seven countries: Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. All these countries are inhabited mainly by Muslims and, except Iran, are now in a state of civil war. At least three of these countries of one of the parties to the conflict is forbidden in the Russian terrorist group “Islamic state”.

A temporary ban on entry into the United States of the inhabitants of these countries applies to holders of so-called green card, granting the right of residence in the United States.

Who and why touched immigration Ordinance trump

The decision trump has caused strong criticism in the United States — in many American cities held protests against the measures taken had made even
acting Minister of justice Sally Yates — she said the refusal to implement the decree on the limitation on the entry of natives of the Middle East, after which he was immediately dismissed. Criticism of the decree increasingly are representatives of the Republican party, which elected a trump, in the us Congress with the entry into force of the decree against him was already more than two dozen influential Republicans.

Senator John McCain

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John McCain and Lindsey Graham, the senators from Arizona and South Carolina (joint statement):

“The confusion that occurred at airports across the country, shows that a trump was not prepared properly. We are particularly concerned by reports that the order came into force with virtually no consultation with the ministries of defence, justice and national security.

The process is organized in such haste, will inevitably lead to negative results. We must not deny the holders of green card entry to the country they call home. We should not prohibit the entry of those who served as military interpreters and diplomats seeking asylum in our country, because they risked their lives to help her. And we must not turn away from those refugees who have passed serious test of the security services was not present obvious threats to the U.S. and suffered the unspeakable horrors of war, especially women and children.

We fear that from this order the government will derive more harm than good. Right now American troops fighting with the “Islamic state” together with our Iraqi partners. However the ban will not allow pilots from Iraq to appear on our military base in Arizona to prepare for the common struggle against our enemy. Most of our allies in the fight against “Islamic state” — it is the Muslims who reject the apocalyptic ideology of hatred, but the government sends them a signal that they are not needed in our country. Therefore, we have serious concerns about what this order will do more for terrorists than the United States.”

Charlie dent, a member of the house of representatives from Pennsylvania:

“This is ridiculous. I think I understand the intent of the tramp, but unfortunately, the order was prepared in a big hurry, without detailed consideration. In immigration policy, there are many nuances which can be vital for a large number of people all over the world.”

Bob Corker, Senator from Tennessee:

“We all share the desire to protect the American people, but this must be done not with such governmental orders. It was poorly prepared, especially in that part which relates to holders of green cards. The administration should immediately make the appropriate changes, and I hope that after careful analysis and implementation of measures to strengthen the security of many of the provisions of the decree will be revised”.

Jeff Flake, Senator from Arizona:

“President trump and his administration have every right to be concerned about national security issues, but I find unacceptable the situation in which the legitimate residents of the country denied entry to her. We must fight radical Islamic terrorism and not terrorist to ascribe views and beliefs to all Muslims, without exception.”

“It’s cruel and stupid”: what the media are writing about the immigration act trump

Elise Stefanik, member of the house of representatives from new York state:

“The main task of the Federal government — the protection of national security, and I believe that Congress must work to reform the system checks the incoming documents. However, I oppose the hasty and extensive measures of the President trump. On the armed services Committee in the house of representatives, I spoke in support of the citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan, which helped our soldiers during the fighting, I think they should have the right to obtain an American visa as a priority”.

Lamar Alexander, Senator from Tennessee:

“The initiative itself trump needs a serious reality check. Of course, the right to carry out additional checks in relation to those traveling to the U.S. from war-torn countries. But the new rules [of entry] are too broad and confusing, and they have led to the fact that the country cannot return resident with a green card in the United States to lawfully. Besides him turning away from us, the Iraqis who helped our troops and that can simply die if they remained in Iraq. And although this prohibition is not specific to religious beliefs, it is still very close to cease to correspond with the American character.”

Dan Newhouse, a member of the house of representatives from Washington state:

“It is advisable to check current and potential holders of us visas and refugees to ensure that they do not present threats to national security. However, the method by which they are carried out, leads to the fact that innocent people are suffering, including those who helped our country in the fight against terrorism and risked for their lives.

I urge the administration to review its decree and to consult with national security agencies. Enforcement resources must be used rationally, they should not be used against law-abiding citizens and holders of green cards who are not a threat to US national security”.

Brian Fitzpatrick, a member of the house of representatives from Pennsylvania:

“The President has an attempt on goal. The reality is that terrorism is inspired by the radicalism and hatred that is global in nature, and that’s why the answer should not be regional in nature. To protect our country we need serious action, but they should not be aimed at isolation of specific countries or ethnic groups.”