Lagging administration: why the Senate does not approve candidates trump

“Washington is broken”

On Tuesday, January 31, representatives of the Democratic party in the us Senate have made the transfer approval of three candidates for posts in the administration of President Donald trump. On other days has postponed consideration in the relevant committees of candidates for the posts of attorney General (Jeff sessions), health Minister (Tom Price) and Minister for Finance (Steven Mnuchin).

For approval of a presidential candidate must first support the relevant Committee of the Senate, and then the vote of the Upper house, where the Republican party has a majority (52 Senator out of 100). Given the Republican majority, the approval of presidential candidates virtually guaranteed that Democrats can only slow down the approval procedure. On Tuesday, they resorted to the tactic of delaying debate, writes USA Today.

Candidates for positions in the administration, Donald trump began to submit, at the end of last year, since the beginning of January, the relevant committees of the Senate held several meetings on the candidates. However, since inuagural President on 20 January were approved and started to work only five: defense Minister James Mattis, the Minister of internal security John Kelly, the Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo, UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley, Minister of transportation Elaine Chao. Inauguration day was approved only two (Mattis and Kelly). This is less than that of its predecessors trump for the presidential post, the newspaper Washington Post. In 2009, the day of the inauguration of Barack Obama, the Senate approved six of his Ministers. Candidates previous Republican President George W. Bush, senators also were more supportive, endorsing seven candidates on inauguration day in 2001.

However, a good start in 2009 has not led to rapid adoption throughout the Obama administration: the Senate took nearly 100 days to approve all appointees. Senate Republicans then also included the braking mechanism of the appointees of the President of the Democrats, so the current situation is not unique to American politics.

“When the Democrats will give us attorney General and the rest of the office! They should be ashamed! It is not surprising that Washington doesn’t work” — criticized the delay trump on Twitter on January 31.

The absence of the Ministers hinders the fulfillment of the promises trump. By signing a decree on partial changes in the health care reform, he promised that a detailed plan will develop and submit to the Minister of health. However, the Price has not yet been approved.

The absence of the head of the Department of state does not allow to establish full contact between Russia and the US. “As soon as the leadership of the state Department are finally formed, I am convinced that we will make contact and establish a full-fledged regular dialogue”, — said Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at a press conference in Abu Dhabi. As expected, the candidacy of Rex Tillerson will be submitted to the vote of the Senate Wednesday, February 1.

Lawyers block

To rush, the Democrats are not going to. On Tuesday, during the discussion in the Committee on legal Affairs, representatives of the opposition party said that they need more time to discuss the nomination of Jeff and Roman sessions for attorney General. Many have doubts that he will be able to defend the interests of all Americans and oppose the President, all senators and the American people should at least learn how independent of the President he intends to be, before voting, explained democratic Senator Chuck Schumer in a statement quoted by Bloomberg.

The fears of senators increased after trump on Monday sacked the acting General Prosecutor Sally Yates after she refused to implement the decree on the limitation on the entry of citizens of the seven countries in the Middle East.

Sessions during a speech in Committee on 10 January, promised that, if approved, would uphold the law. On the question of whether he can give the President sober advice, despite the fact that during the election campaign was one of the closest advisers of trump, he said he understands the degree of responsibility: “the post of attorney General needed to help the President, but to say “no” to the good of the country and the President.”

Disgruntled Democrats and a candidate for the position of judge of the Supreme court. Trump January 31, nominated judge of the court of appeals for the tenth Federal district of the Nile Gorsuch. 49-year-old candidate known for his conservative views and is a supporter of a literal interpretation of the U.S. Constitution, specifies RIA Novosti. He was on the side of corporations in a dispute with the workers, adhere to the ideological approaches to the law, called the claim to the candidate the Democrat Schumer.

For the approval of judges needed the support of 60 senators, but the Republicans can use a special procedure, which allows to reduce the necessary number of votes to 51, writes USA Today.

The Republican leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell explains all of the claims of the Democrats that they are still not resigned to losing the election. According to him, their tactics won’t work and all applicants will be approved.