The administration trump announced an official warning to Iran

Advisor to the President for national security Michael Flynn said that the White house “officially warned” Iran’s “destabilizing actions” of Iran in the region, including the testing of ballistic missiles, reports Reuters.

“Today we officially warn Iran,” Flynn said at the briefing. As explained by the Associated Press, Flynn said that Iran destabilizie the situation in the middle East, he cited the launch of a ballistic missile, and the attack on the Saudi warship. According to the Advisor, the White house “condemns the actions of Iran that undermine the security, prosperity and stability” in the region.

Tests of a ballistic missile, which, according to Flynn, occurred over the weekend, violate the provisions of UN security Council resolutions. Flynn also criticized the previous administration of U.S. President Barack Obama for what she found “an adequate response to malicious acts of Tehran.”

That Iran held the first in Donald trump tests of a ballistic missile became known on Monday, January 30. The launch happened on Sunday at the site, located about 140 km from Tehran, near the city of Semnan.

Medium-range missile, as told to sources, flew about 965 km and then exploded. According to Reuters, the last time a missile of this type has been tested in Iran in July 2016. As reported at the briefing, White house spokesman Sean Spicer, in the United States “see” this situation. “We know that Iran tested this missile,” he said then.

Even during the election campaign, Donald trump has sharply criticized the prisoner with Iran a “nuclear deal”.