The candidate for Chancellor of Germany warned the trump from the lifting of sanctions with Russia

The candidate in German chancellors from the Social democratic party (SPD), former European Parliament President Martin Schulz criticized the policy of U.S. President Donald trump, calling it “UN-American” and warned him against lifting the sanctions against Russia. Such statement has made German politician in an interview to the publications of the media group Funke, reports Reuters.

“What makes trump is not the American way,” said Schultz, adding that the United States like no other country in the world has championed the enlightenment, democracy and freedom. “If trump got behind the wheel of the car in the destruction of this set of values, then, as Chancellor, I will tell him: “It is not the policy of Germany and Europe,” added Schultz.

Speaking about the Ukrainian conflict, Schultz said that sanctions against Russia can be lifted only after the Minsk agreement executed. “As long as the Minsk agreement are not fully implemented, sanctions can’t be lifted. We must say clearly [Vladimir] Putin that Russia is obliged to respect and protect international law,” said Schultz.

Last week the Social democratic party of Germany put forward by Schultz candada for the post of Chancellor of Germany. At the September election, he will compete for the post with Angela Merkel.

Merkel herself has repeatedly said that sanctions against Russia can be cancelled only after fully carrying out the Minsk agreements. Last week Merkel held the first telephone conversation with trump after he has assumed the position of President. In a joint statement, the two leaders according to the results of anti-sanctions does not say anything.