The energy Ministry has proposed an alternative to the project of liberalizing gas prices

That the energy Ministry has sent to the FAS their suggestions about the experiment in the liberalization of wholesale prices for gas in Russia, the newspaper “Kommersant” was told sources familiar with the situation.

Now these prices are government regulated, but apply only to Gazprom, independent producers can sell gas at any price. FAS proposed in 2017 to conduct a pilot project for deregulation of gas prices in three regions — Tyumen region, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district (YNAD) and Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug (KHMAO).

The Ministry of energy, in turn, made the other option, proposing to conduct an experiment does not by regions, and types of customers — major industry with an annual sample of gas of 150 million cubic meters. The newspaper’s sources say that, according to the energy Ministry, it’s easier to scale the results of the pilot on the industry — don’t have to make allowances for regional differences.

The energy Ministry declined to comment. The chief of profile management FAS Dmitry Makhonin, confirmed to the newspaper that the energy Ministry has sent to service such proposals. FAS is committed to its approach, said Makhonin.

In late December, energy Minister Alexander Novak said that while the Ministry did not support the experiment in the liberalization of the domestic gas market in several regions of Russia. The Minister then explained that the Ministry believes that in the course of the experiment may affect the business of independent producers of natural gas. “The document needed more work and deeper analysis”, — he said then.