The media learned about the great coaxing Cameron to fire the editor of the Daily Mail for Brexit

As it became known Bi-bi-si, in the beginning of last year at the time the incumbent Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron tried to convince the owner of the newspaper the Daily Mail, Lord Jonathan Harmsworth to fire chief editor Paul Dacre because of his position on the Kingdom’s exit from the European Union. It reminds Bi-bi-si, before the referendum, the Daily Mail actively encouraged readers to vote for Brexit.

As found by the BBC program Newsnight, he admitted Armsport Dacru that Cameron asked me to fire him. According to the program, the recognition came after a referendum held on 23 June 2016. To conversation with Armsporta, according to bi-Bi-si, Cameron met with the very Dakra at his residence and requested to “give him some slack”. However Dakr said the Prime Minister, what is dithering over 25 years and is not going to change its position about Brexit. He also said that readers of the Daily Mail, in his opinion, also support a British exit from the EU.

The representative of the Harmsworth said bi-Bi-si, that put pressure on Lord tried “more than one Prime Minister,” but refused to confirm or deny the information about the attempts of Cameron to seek dismissal of Dakra. Floor Descr declined to comment.

The representative of the former Prime Minister in turn said that Cameron “does not believe that he has the right to determine who may be the chief editor of the Daily Mail”. Thus a press-the Secretary noted that Cameron spoke publicly against the position of Newspapers that supported the Brexit, and expressed his views on this matter including personally Paul Dacre and Lord Rothermere.