U.S. authorities reported the first results of the immigration Ordinance

The US government for the first four days of the action of the migration decree that prohibited the entry of some categories of foreign nationals refused entry to more than 700 people and more than 1 million people made an exception. Such statistics customs and border patrol are on the website of the Department of homeland security (DHS).

According to January 30, against 721 persons were given recommendations in the refusal to take them on Board. In turn, 1059 lawful permanent residents (LPR) and 75 holders of visas exceptions were made – they were allowed to enter.

Earlier it was reported that contrary to this decree trump in the US will be allowed about 900 refugees. As reported by Bloomberg, said at a press conference, a representative of customs and border guard services USA Kevin Macalino.

He said that 872 of a refugee who was already ready to move, and its repeal would cause “undue hardship” will be eligible for entry. According to Macalinao, these 872 refugee arrives in the U.S. this week. On the website of the Ministry of internal security States that DHS, in conjunction with the Department of state will review the situation with each of these refugees and make each of them a further solution.

While Macalino said that in General, over the first four days of the term of the decree, the United States came aircraft 500 thousand foreign citizens.

Immigration Ordinance trump signed on January 27. From now on, according to the document, in the United States on 120 days restricted entry to all refugees and indefinitely for refugees from Syria. Also for 90 days was prohibited to visit the United States, representatives of the six countries with a Muslim majority — Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.