British MPs overwhelmingly backed a law on Brexit

The lower house of the British Parliament overwhelmingly adopted the second reading of the bill to start the procedure of withdrawal from the European Union, the so-called Brexit, according to article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, informs Bi-bi-si.

For the bill voted 498 deputies, 114 voted against. The debate on this bill began on Tuesday, February 1.

The document is directed on consideration to parliamentary committees, the final vote on it is scheduled for the 8th of February, after which the bill will be sent to the House of lords.

Previously on 24 January, the UK Supreme court has forbidden the government to give effect to the 50-th article of the Lisbon Treaty on the country’s withdrawal from the EU without the approval of Parliament. This was decided by a panel of judges of the Supreme court, which has the right to resolve disputes on authority between the government and the legislative bodies of the country. From eight of 11 judges voted for the government approved a plan of withdrawal of Britain from the EU Parliament, three against.

The Chairman of the judicial Collegium of the Supreme court Lord David Noyberger said that this is not a review of the results of the referendum on the country’s withdrawal from the EU, but the legal side of their entry into force. He noted that the government generally has the exclusive right to change the contracts, but is unable to do so, if such a decision would affect the rights of citizens.The court ruled that the actions of the British government concerning the withdrawal of Britain from the EU will inevitably entail changes in domestic legislation. This applies to all citizens of the United Kingdom, so this step must be approved by the British Parliament.